Address the High Complexity Needs of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Meet the Challenges of a highly regulated branch with our leading technology solution

Beat Tough Competition

The pharmaceutical industry is faced with a rapidly changing healthcare landscape and fierce competition from generics resulting in lower growth and profit margins. In order to remain competitive, pharma companies need to adapt to changing conditions such as the rise of the informed consumer, value-based medicine and developments in regulatory requirements.

In such a competitive and highly regulated industry, pharma companies need to leverage technology to enhance the efficiency of their processes while lowering operational costs.

You Need the Power of our Best-in-Class PIM Solution

How do average performing companies become market leaders? It’s often through software that is based on industry-specific best practices, best processes, and preconfigured data models.

With our best-in-class solution, you´ll be able to address the special and highly complex needs of the pharma industry to increase your profitability, manage limitless amounts of safety data and achieve accurate, timely reporting. Of course our system fulfills the high requirements of Title 21 CFR Part 11.

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Insights into the Contentsphere Solution for the Pharma industry

Streamline your Product Lifecycle

It is critical for pharma companies to maintain consistent, complete and accurate product information across all internal systems and trading partners. Finished product specifications have to be externally syndicated to customers and industry data pools based on the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) standards.

Contentsphere empowers Pharma Companies to:

  • Ensure that product data is complete and accurate
  • Automatically generate GDSN-compliant data synchronization for customers through external data pools throughout the specification approval process
  • Harmonize and cross-reference product data with other enterprise systems, such as ERP systems by automating your processes via workflows
  • Benefit from a significantly reduced time-to-market thanks to a centralized repository for product data and central processes that features a high degree of automation

Efficient Label Management

The integration of packaging, labeling and associated marketing collateral into the drug development process provides a significant business opportunity in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Contentsphere helps you to create a global repository for all packaging components and marketing collateral which will improve the regulatory integrity of all the associated commercial content.  You will be able to reuse designs without having to redesign the packaging – for example if the language changes or if formulation alterations are made to meet the requirements of a certain region.

Additional advantages of Contentsphere in Label Management:

  • Effective use of variable data, such as product codes, pricing, additional languages etc. in one template to reduce creating multiple label designs for similar products
  • Maintenance of the entire packaging bill of materials in one master version
  • Easy-to-use Adobe InDesign plugins for designing label templates with the possibility to edit them online ensures that adaptation of labels and packages can be done in-house without any specialized means or support from external agencies – additionally, thanks to our advanced user roles and access rights only authorized users can view, create or edit labels

Easy Supplier Management

In any industry it is extremely important to quickly deliver accurate product information obtained from multiple suppliers to multiple business systems.

Contentsphere makes this possible by: 

  • Allowing suppliers to easily upload their data through simply configurable supplier portals
  • Cross-functional workflows and match & merge functionality to automatically approve and improve data from suppliers to your data quality standard
  • Collaborate with suppliers electronically to maintain complete and accurate specification records

Localization and Variants Management

In the competitive and highly regulated pharma industry, it is extremely critical to have the flexibility to adapt to local requirements and regulations. Given the strict regulations surrounding the industry, it is imperative to maintain full traceability of accurate and complete product data throughout the entire product structure right from lab floor to shop floor.

Contentsphere allows you to:

  • Automate processes via workflows that simplify specification review and approval
  • Data Quality rules ensure that specifications are aligned with strict regulatory guidelines
  • View and print specifications in all required languages and countries

Compliance and Quality Management

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most highly regulated industries, with very strict guidelines for R&D, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and drug recall activities. Thus, it is absolutely critical for pharma companies to proactively ensure compliance throughout the product lifecycle and fully integrate product quality and safety into the process of developing and managing products.

With Contentsphere you are finally able to:

  • Ensure product quality, consumer safety, and regulatory compliance
  • Provide a centralized, Web-Based Repository for all of your FDA submissions and critical documents like electronic records and electronic signatures, audit trails, validation, copies of records etc in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Avoid rework and recalls by building compliance screening into new product development
  • Benefit from a timely and accurate reporting in order to avoid the costs of non compliance

Digital Marketing

Today’s consumer is accustomed to having access to the information they need at any given moment and being connected to others irrespective of their location. Consumers are constantly searching for information online and those searching for healthcare information are no different. Hence, in order to gain trust and create an emotional connection with the consumer, it is imperative that pharma companies embrace Digital marketing to keep pace with changes brought about by digital technology

Digital Marketing with Contentsphere helps you to:

  • Reach out to newer target audiences and help build that trust by providing useful information that helps them
  • Plan and implement customer-centric multi-channel marketing, where the right information is delivered to the right customer in a way that suits them
  • Segment your customers to understand their information needs and appropriate engagement routes to personalise your campaign, making every customer feel the message is relevant for them
  • Implement effective customer- centric multi-channel campaigns with focus on message delivery, not the channel

Retail – Some of our Customers

By implementing Contentsphere, Retail companies can support a successful enterprise strategy for digital transformation and resolve data silos. Contentserv is your answer to the continuous evolution of connectivity and immersive interaction!

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